Faber-Castell Polychromos Tin Of 24 Colour Pencils (Ann Swan Selection)


Faber Castell Set of Coloured Pencils chosen by Ann.

Faber Castell produced a set of 24 pencils specially chosen by Ann to accompany her book  ‘Botanical Painting with Coloured Pencils’.

The colours included are:

FC101 White
FC103 Ivory
FC102 Cream
FC184 Dark Naples Ochre
FC118 Scarlet Red
FC142 Madder
FC133 Magenta
FC193 Burnt Carmine
FC194 Red violet
FC123 Fuchsia
FC134 Crimson
FC157 Dark Indigo (FC139 Light Violet has been discontinued)
FC138 Violet
FC170 May Green
FC168 Earth Green Yellowish
FC172 Earth Green
FC174 Chrome Green Opaque
FC278 Chrome Green Oxide
FC179 Bistre
FC178 Nougat
FC175 Dark Sepia
FC230 Cold Grey I
FC274 Warm Grey V
FC273 Warm Grey IV


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