Creative Colour Mixing Workbook


Ann’s ‘Creative Colour Mixing Workbook’ is a simple, easy-to-follow, guide and aid to layering rich, vibrant colours.  It will help you with choosing colour mixes and shade colours and keep a record of the mixes you choose. The complex colour mixing templates and the temples for merging two different colour mixes will help you to tackle more intricate subjects by planning a more systematic approach.

The workbook includes the following:

  • Definitions of basic techniques
  • An explanation of Simple Colour Mixing
  • Six pages for testing out Basic Colour Layering and recording Colour Mixes for future reference
  • An explanation of basic Colour Theory and how we can adapt this for use with coloured pencils
  • An introduction to more Complex Colour Layering
  • Six pages for testing out and recording more complex colour mixes
  • Finally two pages for practicing merging different colour mixes, for example, on ripening fruits.

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