Caran D’Ache Luminance Coloured Pencils


Click here to view colour chart. (Use this color chart as an approximation of the real color. If exact color matching is necessary, use actual samples of the materials.)

No Name Colour Quantity
002Silver Grey
004Steel Grey
015Olive Yellow
025Green Ochre
034Yellow Ochre
036Raw Sienna
037Brown Ochre
039Olive Brown
046Cassel Earth
061Permanent Red
069Burnt Sienna
077Burnt Ochre
083Ultramarine Pink
093Violet Grey
095Light Aubergine
112Manganese Violet
129Violet Brown
159Prussian Blue
161Light Blue
162Phthalocyanine Blue
171Turquoise Blue
180Malachite Green
181Light Malachite Green
182Cobalt Green
185Ice Blue
214Beryl Green
220Grass Green
225Moss Green
240Lemon Yellow
350Purplish Red
470Spring Green
495Slate Grey Graphite
504Payne's Grey 30%
507Payne's Grey 60%
508Payne's Grey
548Raw Umber
571Anthraquinoid Pink
585Perylene Brown
589Crimson Alizarin (hue)
599Crimson Aubergine
630Ultramarine Violet
660Middle Cobalt Blue (hue)
661Light Cobalt Blue
662Genuine Cobalt Blue
729Dark English Green
732Olive Brown 10%
736Olive Brown 50%
739Dark Sap Green
755Grey Blue
801Buff titanium
802French Grey 10%
803French Grey 30%
808French Grey
810Bismuth Yellow
820Golden Bismuth Yellow
821Naples Ochre
832Brown Ochre 10%
836Brown Ochre 50%
842Raw Umber 10%
846Raw Umber 50%
862Burnt Sienna 10%
866Burnt Sienna 50%
872Burnt Ochre 10%
876Burnt Ochre 50%
902Sepia 10%
906Sepia 50%

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