Caran D’Ache Luminance New Colours


These are the 24 new additions to the Caran D’Ache range of Luminance Lightfast Coloured Pencils. The first 20 of these colours are now available in a boxed ‘Portrait’ colour set.

581Pink White
542Light Flesh 10%
520Medium Cadmium Yellow(IMIT)
523Indian Yellow
533Dark Cadmium Orange (IMIT)
580Anthraquinone Carmine
115Quinacridone Violet
094Hibiscus Pink
583Violet Pink
068Herculanum Red
745Dark Flesh 40%
575Carmine Lake
639Dark Indigo
649Indanthrone Blue
135Bleu de Nimes
671Chrysocolla Blue
713Middle Verdigris
212Chromium Green Opaque
719Dark Phtalocyanine Green(not in set)
066Natural Russet
748Dark Flesh
741Dark Flesh 5%
01380 724788
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