Latest ‘Larger than Life’ -Day Lilies

25th August 2016

The rich colours of these double Day Lilies in the long border grabbed my attention a few weeks ago and this idea was born. I’m adding a couple of petals from a different variety coming in from the top.  Progress has been slow because this is so large I need two tables to work on and we have been looking after our lovely granddaughter Lily (a joy) and I have been doing the final checks on the new website (frustrating but we’re nearly there).

Stage 1 masking out stamens and applying base colour with a mix of Faber Castell and Pan pastels using baby oil.

Stage 2 & 3 working on the details and layering petal colours with more baby oil to blend them in. Added the base colours for the dead flower.

  • Ann are you using baby oil with the panpastels, pastel pencils as well as the coloured pastels?
    I hadnt thought of that but I do love the rich vibrant colours pastels give. Will be very interested in your comments. Love what youve done so far.

    • Yes, initially I melt and slightly spread the pastels with baby oil to give me an underpainting and then as I build up layers of coloured pencil on top I use very small amounts of baby oil to slightly thin and blend the pencil together as I layer. This way the colour is more in the paper than on the paper if you follow me, and it looks more like paint and slightly brightens the colour.

      • Sorry to sound dense but are we talking the same pastel types. The panpastels are a compressed powder medium and my faber castel pastel pencils are also chalk like. Are you using oil pastels.
        Im soooo intrigued and would love to know more. My coloured pencils are faber castell polychromos plus caren dachs pablo as well as the luminance which are rich and creamy as you well know.
        So a combination sounds strange but very interesting.
        Cheers Bren

        • Ann Swan

          Yes,Pan Pastels. I use them very sparingly as the colours are very intense.

  • Sandy Brede

    Ann, how do you use baby oil and on what kind of paper. Thanks, Sandy Brede sbrede@gmail.con


    • Ann Swan

      Usually I apply the baby oil (paraffin wax) using an empty Copic marker I have filled with baby oil so that I don’t apply too much at one time. Paper needs to be good quality hot pressed watercolour paper at least 300 gms or 140lbs.

Ann and Ollie in the greenhouse
Me and Ollie in the greenhouse

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