Problematic Pencil Sharpeners

Why do manufacturers have to change perfectly good products? Most probably to reduce costs even more.

For the last few years I have been using desk top sharpeners. Originally the Rapesco 64 (left), these were excellent but fairly pricey so we then sourced a Q Connect version (second left) also excellent. Then suppliers sent a modified light grey and black Q Connect version which is also excellent and cheaper and we have been happily using and selling this version for some time with absolutely no complaints.
Imagine my surprise when the latest dark grey and black version arrived and the first three sold jammed immediately and where returned. One customer had to saw off the pencil in order to return the item to me (left). Another went in the bin in the USA as I wasn’t able to bring it back. One even came out of the box, brand new, with the button jammed (second right)
Even if not jammed they are very difficult to use as the spring opening mechanism is very stiff so you need both hands when it is not clamped to the table and the front often sticks against the collecting tray on the way back.
I have tried to order the previous light grey model online but when they arrive they are the dark grey version. I have returned all of these to the suppliers but they have no direct link with the manufacturers as they are made in bulk in China. However, I can warn you via this post.
We will return to using the original Rapesco 64 if we can source enough.
Good luck.

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