Caran D'Ache Luminance Coloured Pencils and Blender Pencil

After our fascinating trip to Caran D’Ache in Geneva I was so impressed with the quality of their production that I have decided to retail the pencils on our online shop. We now stock the full range of 76 colours and we are aiming to sell them for £2.50 each. The RRP in the UK is £3.25 which makes them very costly to use and now I have seen the care that goes into their production I can understand that they are a quality item but by keeping our profit margin low we are able to keep the price down.


We will also be selling their Full Blender pencil pack of 2 at £3.20. These are great to use and smooth and blend colours to appear like paint.


In this demo I have blended some Luminance Cornelian 850 with the blender pencil then applied some Perylene Brown 585 over the top. One of the good properties of the Luminance pencils is that they will layer easily on top of multiple colours when other makes may not. Then I have scratched through to reveal the base colour with a scalpel. This could be yet another effective way to achieve fine veins, markings and textures. Have a go and see what happens!

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