French holiday

What a wonderful place, breathtaking views of the Pyrenees, great studio,fabulous food, wonderful weather and excellent company. What more could you want? ...

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'Fabulous Fruits'

Another excellent group attended this weeks three day workshop with students coming from Qatar and Denmark and just up the road! All worked hard and we tackled a lot of techniques. Shiny black currants, bilberries with bloom on them, compound fruits like blackberries, complex colour mixes like the plums, hairs, leaves and a final day on composition working with small bunches of Merlot grapes from our greenhouse. The following are my...

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'Graphite over Underpainting'

Hard working students and a delightful venue with beautiful gardens in rural Gloucesteshire for a two-day workshop on graphite with underpainting. First a quick outline drawing of this wonderful old sunflower seed head. Then I applied colour using a combination of coloured pencil and pastel pencil which I...

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Leaves Workshop

We all love drawing leaves so here we all are in Wiltshire honing our skills. While they are all beavering away on their leaves I am adding some to this drawing of the developing apples. One more day of leaves and then a rapid tidy up and on...

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Ann and Ollie in the greenhouse
Me and Ollie in the greenhouse

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