New Art

Deconstructed Pine Cone drawing nearing completion

Started in Spain at the lovely Finca el Cerillo this drawing was inspired by the pieces of chewed up pine cone strewn around by their lovely dog Sybil.   Executed using a variety of graphite pencils, 2H to 9B plus clutch and propelling pencils. Still more to do so back to the drawing board....

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Great Graphite Workshop

Three days of intense graphite drawing.  Exercises for hand-eye co-ordination, observation, continuous tonal shading and underpainting for graphite. Exhaustive and exhausting but hopefully, very rewarding.This is a step-by-step demo of an almond using the underpainting techniques that I did this afternoon slightly hampered by a streaming cold.Stage 1 Outline in graphite and then a thin layer of colour using  a touch of Faber Castell Sanguine, Burnt Ochre,...

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End of the Week Show

These are just some of the excellent results of a lovely, sunny week at the Finca spent eating, drinking with a bit of graphite drawing and underpainting....

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Slow Progress

The purple glads are nearing completion but the weather is so cold my fingers are having difficulty grasping the pencils.The studio in the snow with flying miniature schnauzer. ...

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Ann and Ollie in the greenhouse
Me and Ollie in the greenhouse

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