Great Graphite Workshop

Three days of intense graphite drawing.  Exercises for hand-eye co-ordination, observation, continuous tonal shading and underpainting for graphite. Exhaustive and exhausting but hopefully, very rewarding.This is a step-by-step demo of an almond using the underpainting techniques that I did this afternoon slightly hampered by a streaming cold.Stage 1 Outline in graphite and then a thin layer of colour using  a touch of Faber Castell Sanguine, Burnt Ochre,...

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Pencil Sharpener Update

All is not lost, we have now reverted to the original Rapesco 64 and when ŵe ordered them they came looking exactly like the previous QConnect sharpeners and they work beautifully. they are a bit more expensive depending on supplier but we are holding our old price. Now following on from my previous blog about how to use a sharpener the following...

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Problematic Pencil Sharpeners

Why do manufacturers have to change perfectly good products? Most probably to reduce costs even more. For the last few years I have been using desk top sharpeners. Originally the Rapesco 64 (left), these were excellent but fairly pricey so we then sourced a Q Connect version (second left) also excellent. Then suppliers sent a modified light grey and black Q Connect version...

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Nearly there

Amazing French aubergines, now going mouldy in the fridge back in the UK but picture nearly finished. Tricky getting depth and form into the pinky mauves without dulling the colour but hopefully winning! Some of the Irojiten Tom Bow colours I have used....

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Ann and Ollie in the greenhouse
Me and Ollie in the greenhouse

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