Adventures on the Garden Route

16th November 2015

Holiday time and off on the Garden Route. We chose an excellent company, Audley Travel, to organise our trip and Ilios Travel were our tour guide and transport along the way. Our guide was Fizel and he couldn’t have been more helpful and informative.

We’ve had an amazing journey across the South African landscape, seen caves, ostriches and had a few close up encounters with the wildlife. One was with a monkey at Monkey World who, completely out of the blue,  jumped up and stole my glasses off my face. Fortunately after following and coaxing the guide managed to retrieve them. The next was at the Serval enclosure at Tenikwa when one of the servals decided to scent mark me by rubbing his head all over my feet and then attempting to take a chunk out of my shins, quite scary.

We had an amazing experience with the elephants, walking along with their trunks in our hands and then stroking and feeding them. They were lovely rescue elephants and two of them had no feeling tips to their trunks because they had been caught in a trap so they had to be retrained to suck up their food and blow into their mouths otherwise they would have died of starvation.

Off on safari next to Shamwari.

Ann and Ollie in the greenhouse
Me and Ollie in the greenhouse

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